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Please note: If you only have occasional extra recycling, this can be placed in a clear plastic sack beside your blue  bin when you leave it out for collection. Additional cardboard will also be collected if broken down to a size which would fit in the bin should there have been space (please tape or tie together). For more information please visit our recycling webpages.

Please note that we are introducing a charge for additional green bins

While we implement this service change we are not delivering additional green bins to residents until after the 1st April. If you order an additional green bin now we will log your request and get back in touch with you in April to process the order.

From 1 April 2019, South Cambridgeshire residents wanting to have an extra green bin emptied will be asked to pay.

There is a £20 per each additional bin charge which will cover April to September 2019. From October 2019, the cost will be £35 per each additional bin a year.

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